Orpington Case Study

Our client wanted a full garden refresh with a clear list of requirements but otherwise freeroam on the design, after our first meeting and listening to the needs and expectations of the client a plan was drawn up using our in-house designer.

The preposed construction plans are then sent to client for approval, once we have an agreed construction plan, we prepair a number of photorealistic 3D renders so the client can really get a sence of what the final product will look like.


  • Lower the height of the rear garden.

  • Complete replacement of the shared fence.

  • Removal of large tree causing damage.

  • Rebuild of damaged pillar.

  • To be used all year round usage.

  • A hidden place for bin storage.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Garden Lighting.

  • Power availibility.


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  • The sheer amount of material that needed to be removed.

  • Removal of a large tree causing structural damage.

  • Replacement of a shared fence.

  • Running cables and water pipes for power, water & lighting.

  • Seemless intergration of a water-feature into a decked area.